Gossip Girl Original Soundtrack

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Gossip Girl Season 1 - Played Music's

Size : 400 MB
Bitrate: 128kbpps
Codec: LamE MP3


1 "The Pilot"
diamond hipster boy - Washington Social Club
the way i are - timbaland feat kery hilson
don't matter - akon
what goes around comes around - justin timberlake
go - hanson
if it's lovin that you - rihanna
young folks - peter bjorn and john
back to black - amy winehouse
hang me up to dry - cold war kids
the gift - angels & airwaves
photograph - air

2 "The Wild Brunch"
the queen and i - gym class heroes
believe - the bravery
teel me about it - joss stone
hit me up - gia farrell
shut up and drive - rihanna
when did you heart go missing - rooney
the ballad of gus and sam - ferraby lionheart

3 "Poison Ivy"
glamorous - the constance billard choir
i feel it all - feist
i got it from my mama - will.i.am

4 "Bad News Blair"
tambourine - eve
the focus - X5
moon river - henry mancini
beautiful girls - sean kingston
carmen suite no.2 habanera - bizet

5 "Dare Devil"
rockstar - prima j
jezebel - two hours traffic
something like that - tim
whine up - kat deluna feat. elephant man
mama, i'm coming home - ozzy osbourne
there's a pot a brewin - the little ones

6 "The Handmaiden's Tale"
kiss kiss - yeah yeah yeahs
happy ending - mika
timebomb - beck
take it to the top - 5 alarm music
guess who parov stelar remix - nekta

7 "Victor/Victorla"
girl i told ya - valeria ft. aria
just love - harry warren
stripper - soho dolls
with me - sum 41
second hand lovers - john ralston
wathever folk song in c - elliot smith
photograph - air

8 "Seventeen Candles"
nice buddy - puffy amiyumi
radio christiane - the virgins
whenever we finish - two hours traffic
how dows it feel - eskimo joe
kissing sons - dawn landes
free bird - lynyrd skynyrd
one week of danger - the virgins
rich girls - the virgins
fernando pando - the virgins
how we breathe - pinback
birthday song - the shapes
love is colder than death - the virgins

9 "Blair Waldorf Must Pie"
nolita fairytale - vanessa carlton
today - stickboy
grand opening - will dailey
promiscuous - nelly furtado & timbaland
recurring - bonobo
here it goes again - OK go
la ritournelle mr. dan - sebastien tellier

10 "High Society"
lissa - pretty please
what for - rooney
secret - the pier

11 "Roman Holiday"
christmas alphabet - the mcguire sister
deck the halls - the transcenders
christmas tree - the plush interiors
the general specific - band of horses
stuck for the summers - two hours traffic
santa baby - the constance billard choir
christmakwanzakah - the dan band

12 "School Lies"
ooh yeah - moby
come home - one republic
breakfast in NYC - oppenheimer
orange - the flithy
someone great - LCD
come flash all your ladies - the flithy youth

13 "A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate"
got your number - nadia
the dark side of indoor track meets - falling up
happily ever - nicole scherzinger
you'll change - machine translations
where there's gold - dashboard confessions
the air we breathe - figurines

14 "A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate"
sour cherry - the kills
feeling better - the teenagers
eucalipytus - the deady lyndrome
moon river 1961 - henry mancini
rippin'up the disco - kylie minogue

15 "Desperately Seeking Serena"
Flo Rida - Elevator
Phantom Planet - Do The Panic
Vampire Weekend - Campus
Crystal Castles vs Health - Crimewave

16 "All About My Brother"
paralyzer - finger eleven
say - onerepublic
URA fever - the kills
shup and let me go - the ting tings

17 "Woman on the Verge"
hook and line - the kills
fight song - the republic tigers
stay - lisa loeb
junkie xl - cities in dust

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